Class Descriptions

New students please arrive 15min. before class.


Kundalini  varies from class to class. We will begin with an opening chant and expect to finish with deep meditation, a closing chant and a song. Expect to focus on your breath (specifically "breath of fire", where air is sucked in and out rhythmically) and to move, dance and let go. Kundalini has the power to unleash and unlock barriers within ourselves that is supremely joyful and serene.

Vinyasa Expect to move and breathe smoothly from one pose to another. Your class will most likely include Sun Salutations. Vinyasa yoga is almost like a dance (which is why most call it flow) with synchronized breath and movements; the style and sequence will vary depending on the teacher.

Chakra Kali-lini Expect a mixture of Kundalini and Vinyasa. “Flow meets Awareness”. Sun Salutations merges into Kriyas energizing each chakra and bringing balance physically and emotionally.

Hatha Expect a slower-paced practice that focuses on breathing and learning poses. Expect simple breathing exercises and possibly some seated meditation. Hatha can mean a lot of different things. Classes will vary depending on your instructor, expect a bit of diversity when attending different Hatha classes.

Tai Chi is a type of martial art very well known for its defense techniques and health benefits. The martial art has evolved over the years into an effective means of alleviating stress and anxiety. It has been considered to be a form of 'meditation in motion' which promotes serenity and inner peace.

Masala Bhangra is an Indian dance-inspired workout that uses the beat of a dhol drum mixed with Bollywood and Bhangra dance styles.

Flat Belly Work Out This class will help you practically melt away the excess fat on your stomach with simple exercise. You will learn breathing and control is key.

Prenatal Is great way to not only work the body in an essential way for moms-to-be, but also provides a good preparation for the breath and mind for delivery and beyond.

Baby & Me will strengthen your body and the bond between you and your baby. Using interactive postures that incorporate your baby, you will strengthen your core, improve your posture, build confidence and relax using inspirational postures and breathing techniques.

Toddler Using songs and rhymes alongside plenty of movement and stretching, this yoga set is designed to support the transition from babyhood to more developed forms of self-expression through movement.